Обложка книги Detox Box

Detox Box

ISBN: 1591791006;
Издательство: Sounds True

Book DescriptionThe Detox Box, created by holistic physician Mark Hyman, M.D., gives you everything you need to complete a safe, effective, and medically informed detoxification program at home. Designed for total cleansing to remove toxins and allergens, boost immunity, and restore energy levels, The Detox Box includes: ? A 64-page book explaining the science of detoxification, including specific instructions for 7-, 14-, and 21-day detoxification programs. A convenient record-keeping section helps you track your progress. ? Two assessment questionnaires help you gauge your levels of exposure and customize your program. ? Two CDs: Disc one explains how you can aid the body in detoxifying from pesticides, air pollution, and impurities in our water; Disc two leads you through three 20-minute yoga sequences designed to support the process. ? 70 flash cards make it easy to follow?and stick with?every step of the program, before, during, and...

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