Обложка книги Gout Hater's Cookbook I

Gout Hater's Cookbook I

ISBN: 1888141743;
Издательство: Reachment Publications
Страниц: 104

Gout Hater's Cookbook I, Recipes Lower in Purines and Lower in Fat. This cookbook features comprehensive lists of foods lower, relatively high and highest in purines. Designed specifically for persons suffering from gout. Includes recent research information concerning how different aspects of the diet (high purine vegetables, meat, seafood and dairy intake) affect the risk of gout. Consisting of 104 pages and over 90 recipes, this book offers a wide variety in cuisine. Sections contain: Appetizers, Beverages, Main Dishes, Sides, Sauces and Desserts. "Quick Snack" and "Small Change, Big Difference" boxes are scattered throughout.

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