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Hale Sofia Schatz, Shira Shaiman

If the Buddha Came to Dinner: How to Nourish Your Body to Awaken Your Spirit

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ISBN: 078686883X
Издательство: Hyperion
Год издания: 2004
Страниц: 320
"Nourishment consultant" Schatz convincingly urges readers to eschew refined and processed foods and replace them with organic fruits, vegetables and lean proteins. Her "transformational nourishment" incorporates Japanese and Chinese medicine with philosophy, naturopathic nutrition and herbal medicine. The book's first section sets the mood, counseling readers on "coming home to your spirit" and explaining the semantic difference between "Eating" and "Feeding," leading into the more practical and enticing sections. Part two, "Nourishment as Daily Practice," explains the benefits of "vital essence foods": foods that are as close to the source as possible. Schatz advises readers to eat seasonal produce, since not adhering to nature's rhythms can throw a body out of balance. She describes in detail how to flush toxins out of the body by eating the right foods rather than fasting. Part three, "Awakening Your Spirit," lays out predictable advice on being conscious of what foods one...