Обложка книги Overcoming Overactive Bladder: Your Complete Self-Care Guide

Overcoming Overactive Bladder: Your Complete Self-Care Guide

ISBN: 1572243392;
Издательство: New Harbinger Publications
Страниц: 160

Book DescriptionThe frequent urge to urinate is a bothersome affliction that can cause significant physical, social, and psychological problems. More Americans deal with this condition (overactive bladder or OAB) than suffer from depression, yet embarrassment and anxiety prevent perhaps sixty percent of them from reporting the problem to their doctors. This book offers a complete resource for dealing with this condition. Learn exactly what OAB is, and how it is diagnosed, who is most at risk and what other common problems tend to occur in conjunction with it. Find out when you should seek a doctor?s help, what to ask when you do, and what medications are available to treat the disorder. Exercises and questionnaires help you assess and manage your own symptoms. Explore cognitive-behavioral techniques, pelvic muscle exercises, and alternative therapies that can help control the condition and its effects.