Обложка книги Smart Girls Do Dumbbells

Smart Girls Do Dumbbells

ISBN: 1573223867;
Издательство: Riverhead Trade
Страниц: 240

Most women have dieted and exercised their entire lives. It's always the same yo-yo story-lose the weight, gain it back, over and over again. Or they'll lose most of the weight but they can't burn off those last stubborn 5-10 pounds. Or they've got very intense exercise regimens-personal trainer and all, but still they don't have the results they've been looking for: tight buns, strong arms, and a flat belly. The reason for this is that no one, until now, has been as qualified as Judith Sherman-Wolin, Exercise Specialist at the UCLA Center for Nutrition, to reveal the secrets of dumbbells. Sherman-Wolin has developed a fast, easy dumbbell program that anyone can do at home and can set up for less than it costs to go to a gym every month.