Обложка книги The Athlete's Ball

The Athlete's Ball

ISBN: 0968871550;
Издательство: Novont Health Publishing Limited
Страниц: 160

Book DescriptionRick Jemmett, author of the best-selling Spinal Stabilization ? The New Science of Back Pain, presents a cutting edge, research-based approach to sport-specific training for recreational, competitive and elite athletes. Integrative Training- ? the simultaneous training of strength, core stability and balance ? adds an exciting new dimension to sport specific training. The progressive, challenging and fun exercises in The Athlete?s Ball are designed to improve sport performance and reduce the risk of injury for all athletes, regardless of their sport! How does it work? On any playing field, an athlete?s core, shoulder and hip muscles work in concert to stabilize the torso while generating the power to run, throw, swing, kick and block. Integrative Training exercises performed in the gym closely mimic the athlete?s real-world sport performance demands. The 'dry-land? training program becomes far more competition specific...