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Robert Tarule

The Artisan of Ipswich : Craftsmanship and Community in Colonial New England

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ISBN: 0801878691, 9780801878695
Издательство: The Johns Hopkins University Press
Год издания: 2004
Страниц: 176
Book Description Thomas Dennis emigrated to America from England in 1663, settling in Ipswich, a Massachusetts village a long day's sail north of Boston. He had apprenticed in joinery, the most common method of making furniture in sixteenth- and seventeenth-century Britain, and he became Ipswich's second joiner, setting up shop in the heart of the village. During his lifetime, Dennis won wide renown as an artisan. Today, connoisseurs judge his elaborately carved furniture as among the best produced in seventeenth-century America. Robert Tarule, historian and accomplished craftsman, brilliantly recreates Dennis's world in recounting how he created a single oak chest. Writing as a woodworker himself, Tarule vividly portrays Dennis walking through the woods looking for the right trees; sawing and splitting the wood on site; and working in his shop on the chest -- planing, joining, and carving. Dennis inherited a knowledge of wood and woodworking that dated back centuries before...
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