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Andrea Pennington

The Pennington Plan: 5 Simple Steps for Achieving Vibrant Health, Emotional Well Being and Spiritual Growth

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ISBN: 158333193X
Издательство: Avery
Год издания: 2004
Страниц: 208
Book DescriptionThe former medical director and spokesperson for the Discovery Health Channel and Discovery Health Online and founder and president of the Pennington Institute for Health and Wellness offers her five-step plan for achieving wellness. This empowering guide to balancing the mind, body, and spirit and achieving total wellness-not just freedom from disease-provides a program as practiced by Dr. Andrea Pennington at her wellness institute. In her book, she lays out a practical plan tohelp readers feel better, overcome chronic health problems, and tap the healing power within. Dr. Pennington's plan encourages readers to: - de?ne goals that go well beyond the issues of physical health; - ?nd the motivation to make positive change; - design a personalized plan for achieving goals; - chart progress and stay on track; and - learn the value of celebrating success along the way. Practical and inspiring, The Pennington Plan ...