Обложка книги Angry All The Time: An Emergency Guide To Anger Control

Angry All The Time: An Emergency Guide To Anger Control

ISBN: 1572243929;
Издательство: New Harbinger Publications
Страниц: 151

Book DescriptionVery angry people live in a trap. They say things they don't mean, hurt people they love, and even begin to hate themselves. The vicious cycle of problem anger is hard to break. Real change, an escape from the damaging patterns of persistent anger, requires good information and sound advice. This book, a major revision of a best-selling classic that has helped tens of thousands of people overcome problem anger, contains both. The book is organized to move readers along the shortest path to recovery: In the first section, "Understanding the Problem," readers explore the causes of their anger. Then, in the second section, "Taking Action," they learn powerful, step-by-step strategies to control their behavior, to change anger- provoking thoughts, to avoid verbal and physical violence-in short, to make the author's eight-step process of anger management a powerful force for change in their lives. This edition includes two completely new chapters and significant...

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