Обложка книги Infinite Life

Infinite Life

ISBN: 1594480699;
Издательство: Riverhead Trade
Страниц: 336

Amazon.comRobert Thurman--father of Uma, outspoken critic of George Bush's administration and one of the first Westerners to bring popularize Buddhism in America?has written what is arguably his finest book. In Infinite Life he invites readers into a fascinating new way of thinking living and meditating that might do more to save the world than any political act known to humans. In recognizing that our lives and even our moment-to-moment choices choices have eternal ramifications, we are at once free from the burden of petty pursuits yet suddenly saddled with the weight of infinite responsibility. Thurman helps students understand that carrying this weight is the only way we can free ourselves and the rest of the world form suffering. Buddhists recognize this as the path of "the bodhisattva," dedicated to the well-being of all beings. In order to help readers make this quantum shift in awareness, Thurman structure his chapters around the paramitas , or...