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Howard Shapiro

Picture Perfect Prescription : An Easy Program to Feeling Younger, Healthier, Sexier, and More Energetic

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ISBN: 1596090529
Издательство: Chamberlain Bros.
Год издания: 2005
Страниц: 256
Book Description You?ve never seen anything like this before. No diet book, no exercise program, no three-hour wonder or eight-minute fantasy, no low-carb, high-fiber, all-juice fad has ever delivered what Dr. Shapiro?s Picture-Perfect Prescription gives readers: a simply presented, easy-to-follow 11-day program ? backed by the latest research ? for turning on their own personal Fountain of Youth. Different from all Dr. Shapiro?s other books, this is where diet books, fitness books, wellness books, and every other kind of self-help publication are going in the 21st century. The Picture-Perfect Prescription leads the way. How? Going well beyond his previous weight loss books, Dr. Shapiro?s Picture-Perfect Prescription sets out programs for exercise, stress reduction, and making connections to others as well as an eating program. The reason? All are keys to developing a good quality of life. For readers, the results of...