Обложка книги Type Card Play Book

Type Card Play Book

ISBN: 8495951452; 978-84-95951-45-8;
Издательство: Actar
Страниц: 224

Book DescriptionThe team of Japanese experimental graphic designers who work under the name Dainippon Type Organization have continually reinvented the art of typography. Over and over again, they have taken type beyond its practical dimension, turning it into an active and essentially playful experience. Here they present the reader with a huge, happy, and quite literate blow to the side of the head: a retrospective show of 10 years of font and graphic production, for playing, looking, thinking, and enjoying the alphabet at one's own will. Usefully, the book converts into a set of playing cards, a full set for each typeface, thus allowing the reader to become a player. How to play? Make words out of the individual letters that appear on each card, or make up your own game, inspired by the Dainippon's wacky fonts. The designs which appear in this book are Kurofune (inspired by origami), Bug (insect-like), Katahira (comic book Japanese), Dentype (very analog), YMC (think CMYK), Cube...

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