Обложка книги Think Like a Guy: How to Get a Guy by Thinking Like One

Think Like a Guy: How to Get a Guy by Thinking Like One

ISBN: 0312354371;
Издательство: St. Martin's Griffin
Страниц: 192

Giuliani DePandi has distilled her knowledge as an on-the-town dater in L.A. into this funny but oh-so-practical and effective handbook. DePandi knows what its like out there, and has done extensive field work to learn what turns guys off....and on. Should you.........mention your mom on a first date? .........cook a guy breakfast after your first sleepover at his place? .........tell him how many lovers youve had before he came along? .........leave him long voicemails if you cant reach him on the phone? The resounding answer to all the questions above, according to DePandi, is: NO! You should, in fact, be busy and breezy, offer to pay for dinner, leave short voicemails (and none at all if you dont have anything concrete to say), stay well-dressedand groomedand make your guy feel like hes the first to introduce you to anything kinky in bed. Think Like A Guy isnt The Rulesits not so much about getting married as making sure rafts of men are always hanging around. Its a hard-headed...