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Thomas Hoving

American Gothic : The Biography of Grant Wood's American Masterpiece

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ISBN: 1596091487
Издательство: Chamberlain Bros.
Год издания: 1905
Страниц: 176
Book DescriptionCelebrating the 75th Anniversary of the Controversial Unveiling... You saw the cover of this book and paused. You recognized the stern countenance of the old farmer and the dour mien of his companion. You recognized the pitchfork and the gabled roof. You may not have known the name of the painting or of the artist who painted it; however, you already knew that you were looking at an American masterpiece. But is it any good? From its controversial unveiling at a juried exhibition at the Art Institute of Chicago seventy-five years ago to its eventual acceptance and recognition as a true work of art, American Gothic has seeped into the American psyche and become a beloved piece of Americana. Art connoiseur and best-selling author, Thomas Hoving offers his personal and professional opinion about the iconic painting and brings its creator, Grant Wood, to life. Hoving trains your eye to look for the nuances, and directs your attention to...