Обложка книги Cyberfeminism: Next Protocols

Cyberfeminism: Next Protocols

ISBN: 1570271496;
Издательство: Autonomedia
Страниц: 336

Book DescriptionSeventeen essays addressing the intersection of science and gender studies. Cyberfeminism: Next Protocols began as a call posted on e-mail lists by the Old Boys Network, the first international alliance of cyberfeminists. Writers responded from various fields: media studies, culture jamming, philosophy and art history, giving the book a richness in content matched only by the diversity of its critique, which includes issues of the body and robotics; medical technology; imaging and representation; and the invention and documentation of precise cyberfeminist critique and experimental thinking, with approaches from art, theory and activism. In particular, this anthology remodels the relation of gender and the female sex: if gender is not obsolete, there is a stake in reformulating it under the current digital dominance and testing its capacities to subvert cultural practices.