Обложка книги Looking at Matisse and Picasso

Looking at Matisse and Picasso

ISBN: 0870700057; 978-0-87070-005-7;
Издательство: Museum of Modern Art
Страниц: 72

Book DescriptionHenri Matisse and Pablo Picasso have long been seen as the twin giants of modern art. Despite their rivalry, each came to acknowledge the other as his only true equal: Matisse would eventually say, "Picasso sees everything," while for Picasso, "All things considered, there is only Matisse." This book is one of two produced to accompany a major exhibition on the two artists' work. The first book is the exhibition's 400-page catalogue Matisse Picasso . Looking at Matisse and Picasso is a shorter study, providing a general introduction to the artists and comparing a representative selection of their works. The illustrations have been selected to demonstrate the visual relationships in Matisse's and Picasso's art in a clear and dramatic way, and the brief texts, written by members of the staff of the Museum of Modern Art's Department of Education, vividly illuminate the parallels and resonances in the two men's lives and work. Matisse and Picasso are polar...