Обложка книги New Commitment: In Architecture, Art and Design (Reflect # 01)

New Commitment: In Architecture, Art and Design (Reflect # 01)

ISBN: 9056623478;
Издательство: NAI Publishers
Страниц: 160

Book DescriptionOf late, the disciplines of art, design, and architecture have been called upon to engage in current social issues--a development which surely has some connection with recent international political and economic trends. If the 1990s can be described as a period of unprecedented financial and political prosperity--at least in the Western world--that decade now seems completely consigned to history. Today a new commitment is being argued for in professional journals, and art and architecture are truly being called on, for tasks such as the restructuring of the post-war city, building for care and education, and deciding how contemporary art and design can reassume a radical stance and create a new world view. This collection of essays offers a broad insight into commitment today by drawing attention to comparable developments in a wide range of disciplines. New Commitment is well served by essays from architecture, design and art critics, including Hans Aarsman,...