Обложка книги Strange Familiar: The Work of Georg Gudni

Strange Familiar: The Work of Georg Gudni

ISBN: 0974707899;
Издательство: Perceval Press
Страниц: 128

Book DescriptionGeorg Gudni has said of his work, inspired by his native Icelandic landscapes, "You go past the materials and into the painting itself." The transparent, ethereal quality achieved in Gudni's paintings can seem fragile at times. At other times, it is as though the perfectly contained yet limitless view presented is advancing toward the viewer, layer by layer, out of thin air. Hills, mountains, and valleys delicately take shape through a mist that is at once tangibly and perfectly drawn butalso evocative of invisible, faintly recalled imagery that seems to be drawn from the popular unconscious. Comprising a wealth of mostly unpublished material, Strange Familiar brings together Gudni's unique, finely layered landscape paintings withselections from his vast collection of drawings, watercolors, notebooks, maps, and photographs, accompanied by illuminating texts by prominent commentators.

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