Обложка книги Art And Celebrity

Art And Celebrity

ISBN: 0745318495;
Издательство: Pluto Press
Страниц: 297

Book DescriptionThe uneasy crossover between art and celebrity has been much discussed in recent years. Artists as celebrities is hardly a new phenomenon, but the growing cult of celebrity in contemporary culture is throwing up paradoxical ideas about the contradictions between "high" art and mass appeal and blurring the already unstable boundaries between art, commodity and popular culture. This is a lively and accessible study of the phenomenon -- the glitzy world where art and celebrity meet -- informed by a fundamentally serious look at what happens when the "serious" world of art collides with celebrity. Global culture is now dominated by celebrities, some of whom -- like Madonna and Stallone -- are art collectors and some -- like Dennis Hopper and David Bowie -- are spare-time artists. Walker explains how artists such as Warhol, Gavin Turk, Jeff Koons, Elizabeth Peyton and Alison Jackson contribute to, but also critique, the cult of celebrity by depicting film...