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Shaun Cole

Dialogue : Relationships in Graphic Design

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ISBN: 1851774343
Издательство: Victoria and Albert Museum
Год издания: 2005
Страниц: 128
Book Description This innovative series highlights the crucial role of design in today's culture. Who are the creators of the things that surround us? What drives the thinking behind the development of new products? Through interviews with designers and commentaries on selected products, these clever books show the myriad of inspirations and influences-culture, technology, clients, and consumers-that shape each new concept. The books are designed by the acclaimed London firm Graphic Thought Facility. Graphic design is one of the most vibrant areas of design today. Driven by new technologies, client demands, and channels for expression, it has undergone radical transformation in the last few years. This innovative book explores the relationship between designers, their clients, and consumers, following graphic design projects from initial pitch to finished product. From large studios to independent designers, Dialogue examines the diverse creative solutions and...