Обложка книги Flush! Modern Toilet Design

Flush! Modern Toilet Design

ISBN: 3764371803; 978-3-7643-7180-7;
Издательство: Birkhauser Basel
Страниц: 144

There may be no more conspicuous sign of luxury (some might say decadence) than an over-the-top design of that most utilitarian of spaces, the lavatory. Restaurants, hotels, clubs, and similar clients have increasingly seen the restroom as a manifestation of corporate culture and an expression of their attitude toward customers or employers, as well as an easy buzz generator. Flush! is a book for anyone with more than a mere passing interest in concepts for comfort when nature calls, and includes over 40 examples of innovative design for washrooms and a survey of the latest trends in restroom design. An introduction with examples from history?including film, art, and literature?provides an entertaining introduction to the culture of the lavatory.

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