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Christopher B. Donnan

Moche Portraits from Ancient Peru (Joe R. and Teresa Lozano Long Series in Latin American and Latino Art and Culture)

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ISBN: 0292716222
Издательство: University of Texas Press
Год издания: 2003
Страниц: 202
Book DescriptionOf all the ancient civilizations that flourished in the Americas, only one perfected true portraiture of living people and produced it in quantity--the Moche who inhabited the north coast of Peru between approximately AD 100 and 800. Using the medium of three-dimensional ceramic vessels that could have contained liquid, Moche artisans typically formed the heads of the individuals they wished to portray, though sometimes they presented full figures with realistic portrait faces. Depicting an astonishing range of physical types, these portraits now allow us to meet Moche people who lived more than 1,500 years ago and to sense the nuances of their individual personalities. This pathfinding book presents the first wide-ranging, systematic study of the Moche portraits. Drawing on more than 900 examples from museums and private collections around the world--some 300 of which are illustrated here in full color--Christopher Donnan documents how the portrait tradition evolved,...