Обложка книги Scandalous Eye : The Surrealism of Conroy Maddox

Scandalous Eye : The Surrealism of Conroy Maddox

ISBN: 0853235597;
Издательство: Liverpool University Press
Страниц: 300

Book Description Conroy Maddox discovered surrealism by chance in 1935 and spent the rest of his life exploring its potential through his paintings, collages, photographs, objects and texts. Inspired by artists such as Max Ernst, Oscar Dominguez and Salvador Dal?d, he rejected academic painting in favor of techniques that expressed the surrealist spirit of rebellion. Maddox went on to become a rebel in every sense ?6 the defiance that had initially turned towards aesthetics became abroader challenge against morality, religion and the establishment as a whole. Maddox?2s colorful exploits and outstanding artistic production undoubtedly made him Britain?2s most beguiling, provocative and vigorous exponent of surrealism. This book maps out his place in the history of the surrealist movement and reveals the intellectual complexity as well as the poignant charm of an oeuvre that spans eight decades.