Обложка книги Writings on Cy Twombly

Writings on Cy Twombly

ISBN: 3888149541;
Издательство: Schirmer/Mosel
Страниц: 320

Book DescriptionWhile Cy Twombly was still a student, his inspiring work attracted the attention of art critics and art historians, and also prompted poets, philosophers, essayists, and fellow artists to write about him. In the present volume, long-time collaborator Nicola Del Roscio brings together a total of 43 contemporary commentaries on Twombly in the form of poems, exhibition reviews, letters, philosophical essays, and discussions of art history, dating from 1951 (the year of his first solo show) through to the present. The collection commences with an early piece by American poet Charles Olson and is followed by a panoply of different literary voices, including Roland Barthes, Heiner Bastian, Gottfried Boehm, Arthur C. Danto, Max Kozloff, Robert Motherwell, Frank O'Hara, Octavio Paz, Pierre Restany, Harald Szeemann, and Kirk Varnedoe. Essays by Dore Ashton, Gottfried Boehm, Francesco Clemente, Arthur C.Danto, Richard Howard, Max Kozloff, Pierre Restany and David Sylvester. ...