Обложка книги Artful Jesters: Innovators of Visual Wit and Humor

Artful Jesters: Innovators of Visual Wit and Humor

ISBN: 1580082661;
Издательство: Ten Speed Press
Страниц: 176

Book DescriptionWhy did the artist cross the road? To see if there is another side. By tweaking accepted conventions through visual humor?whimsy, wit, irony, parody, satire, and nonsense?artists challenge us to view the world from a different standpoint. In ARTFUL JESTERS, artist and professor Nicholas Roukes provides a historical perspective on the perpetual use of humor in art, show-casing 50 highly creative contemporary artists whose mission is to amuse, entertain, and inform while at the same time advocating for serious causes. Reveling in the ascending popularity of visual humor, ARTFUL JESTERS exposes the "other side" of art?the serious but lighthearted side that?s guaranteed to refresh the spirit and change the way people thinkabout fine art.