Обложка книги Cabinet 13: Histories of the Future

Cabinet 13: Histories of the Future

ISBN: 1932698094;
Издательство: Cabinet
Страниц: 128

Book DescriptionWe have been living through boom times for the Future. Even during the relative calm before the escalating storms of 2001, our cultures and industries collaborated in a remarkable proliferation of words and images about this impossible entity, the Future. In recent years, the very thought "future" has been spectacularized in extraordinary ways. Produced in coordination with Duke University Press's forthcoming book of the same title, this volume explores the ways in which "the Future" is aplaceholder for fantasies and anxieties very much connected to the present. Dan Rosenberg profiles Theodor Holm Nelson, inventor of hypertext; Joseph Masco investigates the "desert Modernism" of the Nevada Test Site and Liberace's Las Vegas; and "The Japanese Futurist Manifesto," written in 1928, is published for the first time in English. Also in this issue, Ben Marcus on the color "Khaki," David Levi Strauss on Leon Golub's photographic archive, a history of paint-by-numbers, a CD...