Обложка книги How to Paint a Vermeer

How to Paint a Vermeer

ISBN: 0500285098;
Издательство: Thames & Hudson
Страниц: 128

Book Description A witty, profound homage to Western art and an escorted tour of the masterworks beloved by all. Ranging over hundreds of years?and countless styles?with breathtaking virtuosity, George Deem has repainted the history of Western art. Deem's special gift is to paint, with witty sympathy, his own "revisions" of famous works, revisions that look like the originals but transform them in some way. Now, in the most comprehensive collection of his work ever assembled, the amazing scope of Deem's devotion to his subject, art itself, can be seen. The greatest American and European artists are represented; their work, at first glance, seems uncannily perfect. Here is an exquisite Vermeer, looking so much like the original that it takes a moment to realize there is no woman holding a water pitcher in the corner of the room. And here is Cubist Cache , Deem's tour de force imagining of what Parisians do with their cubist art when they go away on...