Обложка книги Treasures from Olana: Landscapes by Frederick Edwin Church

Treasures from Olana: Landscapes by Frederick Edwin Church

ISBN: 0801444306;
Издательство: Cornell University Press
Страниц: 71

Book Description"The wide variety of selections from Frederic Edwin Church?s collection of his own paintings shows the master in all phases of his career, in sketches and finished paintings, depicting the breadth of his subjects and the high technical skills that established him as an eminent and influential artist in his own time. As works he held on to or reacquired and kept in his house during his lifetime, they embody the heart of his artistic vision and convey a deeply personal slant. As pictures he hung and lived with at Olana, they tell the larger story of that extraordinary place and are as illuminating when seen in context as on their own."?from the Introduction Frederic Edwin Church (1826?1900) traveled the world, captured its beauty in countless paintings, and brought it home to live at Olana, his castle on the Hudson. The name was inspired by a reference Church found to a fortress or a treasury-storehouse in ancient Persia. This extraordinary selection...