Обложка книги What's Wrong With Contemporary Art?

What's Wrong With Contemporary Art?

ISBN: 0868404071;
Издательство: UNSW Press
Страниц: 184

Book DescriptionIn this provocative book, Peter Timms asks confrontational questions: Why is contemporary art so in thrall to promoters, and why do their extravagant claims so rarely match the reality? Why does the market have such power, and how does itdictate the sort of art we are allowed to see? Why are art schools, museums, and the media apparently so eager to fall in line with commercial expectations? Making no claims to neutrality, Timms sets out to describe and examine the serious problems he perceives in the way contemporary art is packaged, promoted, and received. Timms believes that the real goal of campaigns to market the arts is not to make people's lives culturally richer but to make the arts industry economically richer.

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