Обложка книги Marilyn in Art

Marilyn in Art

ISBN: 1904957021;
Издательство: Chaucer Press
Страниц: 192

Once described as ‘the only blonde in the world’, Marilyn Monroe’s impact in the course of her brief film career was so great that her image remains one of the most potent and poignant of our time, combining waiflike innocence with glittering eroticism, worldliness with profound vulnerability. Much photographed during her lifetime, Marilyn has since been a constant source of inspiration to artists, from Andy Warhol and noted fine artists to the graphic studios who mass produced greetings cards bearing her likeness. Some see her as the public saw her - sensual, half-open mouth, dreaming eyes, heavy, always just-covered breasts. To others, she is the subject of fantasy - bizarre, erotic, expressionistic - an emblem of pure sex, or the embodiment of the wholesome American Dream. It is the work of these artists that are presented here from around the world, a true testament to her global impact. These portraits exercise artistic licence to the full, but in which there is little...