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The Monster Book of More Manga: Draw Like the Experts

Обложка книги The Monster Book of More Manga: Draw Like the Experts

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ISBN: 0061151696, 9780061151699
Издательство: Collins Design
Год издания: 2007
Страниц: 384
Формат: 220x240
The popularity of manga—Japanese cartooning—continues to grow, inspiring interest in learning how to draw this exciting style of comics. From comic illustration Ikari Studio comes the ultimate guide on how to draw manga. The Monster Book of More Manga is divided into sections focusing on the most popular manga figures and themes—Girls, Boys, Samurai, Monsters, and Computer. This new volume contains brand new sections on Mecha, Villains, and Animals, and a special section on Fairies. Each illustration is broken down into six stages accompanied by step-by-step instructions, taking the artist from an initial black-and-white sketch to the final color piece. They're also accompanied by practical suggestions, hints, and tips. From beginner to advanced, this monster-size manual is the must-have book for anyone interested in learning how to draw manga.