Обложка книги MP ART ACROSS TIME V2/CD 2.0


ISBN: 0073111953;
Издательство: McGraw-Hill Humanities/Social Sciences/Languages
Страниц: 500

Book Description Art across Time seeks to inspire students in their study of art through a combination of large-scale reproductions, extensive use of color photographs, and effective incorporation of contextual material. Large format illustrations, 80% in color, allow students to appreciate delicacies of technique and detail that are lost in smaller or black and white representations. Similarly, the writing emphasizes the motivations and environment of the artists to give students asense of the intent or purpose of the work. The arts of cultures beyond the West are presented thematically and at points of cross-cultural contact—Japan and the Impressionists and Africa and the European Avant-Garde—in Windows on the World sections. In all, Art across Time , presents the history of art as a dynamic narrative grounded in scholarship, a narrative that is a dialogue between modern viewers and the past.