Обложка книги Jackson Pollock: Memories Arrested in Space

Jackson Pollock: Memories Arrested in Space

ISBN: 1891661329;
Издательство: Santa Monica Press
Страниц: 216

Book Description This epic biographical poem chronicles the life of the dynamic and controversial American painter Jackson Pollock. The magnificent narrative chronicles Pollock's reckless, adventurous, and often desperate life, from his beginnings inthe American northwest through his pioneering of a revolutionary new painting technique that came to be known as Abstract Expressionism to his death behind the wheel of a car on Long Island when he was only 44 years old. Written entirely in iambic trimeter, the poem captures the essence of the brilliant yet tortured artist in language that is as breathtaking as a Pollock painting: spontaneous, beautiful, and haunting, with bursts of energy that touch the soul and make it soar.