Обложка книги Fashion and Textiles: An Overview

Fashion and Textiles: An Overview


ISBN: 1859738184;
Издательство: Berg Publishers
Страниц: 256

Textiles and fashion share a close and complicated relationship. They have, however, traditionally been considered separately. This is surprising given that fashion is dependent, and to some extent shaped by the type of raw materials(textiles) that are available. This essential book provides the first comprehensive overview of this symbiotic relationship. In Fashion and Textiles: An Overview Gale and Kaur analyze fashion and textile's cultural, industrial and social relationships, as well as how the two fields compete with and influence one another. Highlighting cultural differences and similarities between the two industry sectors, this book includes varying professional perspectives, information about key roles and jobs, and practical considerations relating to economics, design, manufacture and retail. A key text for a wide range of courses on fashion and textiles, it is vital reading for anyone hoping to pursue a career in either field.