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Incredible Eyes

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ISBN: 0967489857
Издательство: TCB Cafe Publishing; 1st edition
Год издания: 2005
Страниц: 96
In 2004, hundreds of international photographers were invited to capture the magic and beauty of the eye, and the best of these gorgeous images are collected in Incredible Eyes. Featuring page after page of beautiful, high-quality photos, the book addresses the "windows to the soul" in singular fashion, as artists interpret and redefine the eye under such themes as fashion and beauty, nature and ecology, multiculturalism and ethnic diversity, and eroticism. The styles cover a wide range from a photojournalistic image of a village woman weaving as her young daughter stares; to a stylized gauzy portrait in which all details of a woman's face are eliminated except the eye; to a symbolic version of the eye in the form of an opening flower. The dozens of photographers represented here include such renowned talents as Ilene Perlman, Eric Cozens, Dominic Rouse, Howard Koby, Jeffery Schultz, Monica Orozco, and Tabitha Soren.