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Fashion and Modernity

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ISBN: 1845200276
Издательство: Berg Publishers
Год издания: 1905
Страниц: 256
Book Description This book tests the very definition of modernity and enhances our understanding of the role of fashion in the modern world. From top hats to locomotives, dresses to retail outlets, fashion is a prism through which modernity reflects and refracts. Breward and Evans bring together an organic collaboration of voices on this subject. The collection ranges from such topics as James Morrison (1789-1857), the Napoleon of Shopkeepers; to dress in the Stuart era; The Mannequin Parade, 1900-1925; and clothing the London actress (1860-1914). From the relationship between clothing and forensic sciences, to the play of performance, parasexuality, and the celebrity, Fashion and Modernity offers an enlightening look at fashion and the modernage.
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