Обложка книги Party Like a Rockstar : Even When You're Poor as Dirt

Party Like a Rockstar : Even When You're Poor as Dirt

ISBN: 1555838774;
Издательство: Alyson Publications
Страниц: 224

Book Description Yesterday I ate two free meals, took two free shuttles, made a bunch of personal copies on someone else's machine, received a comped CD in the mail and saw the Stereolab show from the VIP section while sucking back complimentary top-shelf drinks. After being laid off from his job as a computer programmer, freelance writer Camper English had to learn to make do on the salary of, well, a freelance writer. During the next two years, he discovered his social life wasn't impeded at all. "I was going out, drinking up and getting down without spending much of anything." In this book, English lays out the kind of financial advice we all need. I mean, who really cares what color your parachute is or where your cheese is? Just find out how to get designer duds for under 10 bucks, eat for free so you have more money for alcohol, get on the most exclusive guest lists, get into screenings and generally live fabulously for next to nothing! Camper English...