Обложка книги Guillermo Kuitca: Theatre Collages

Guillermo Kuitca: Theatre Collages

ISBN: 3039390309;
Издательство: Scalo Publishers
Страниц: 86

Book DescriptionArgentine artist Guillermo Kuitca is a key figure in contemporary art. His work is inspired by architecture, dance, film, and cartography. The Theatre Collages were created between 2003 and 2004 based on plans of famous theatres and operahouses. By carefully reassembling the elements of their interiors, Kuitca transforms their balconies and rows of seats into undulating abstractions and elaborate forms. The predictable regularity of the auditorium seats is broken up by a dynamic rhythm reminiscent of musical notation that plays with the dynamic relationship between the stage and the audience. The second part of the book is dedicated to The Ring (2003?2004) a four-part series based on Richard Wagner?s Ring cycle. Kuitca used album covers of historic recordings of these operas to create collages that powerfully evoke the voices and the music behind the famous names and titles.

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