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Karen Kilimnik

Karen Kilimnik im Haus Zum Kirschgarten: Paintings and Installations

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ISBN: 3905509601
Издательство: Scalo Publishers
Год издания: 2005
Страниц: 20
Book DescriptionKirschgarten is an extravagantly glamorous artist?s book published on the occasion of American artist Karen Kilimnik?s exhibition at Haus zum Kirschgarten in Basle, a museum dedicated to 18th-century domestic culture. Kilimnik?s starting point was an unfortunate circumstance we are all familiar with: you visit a museum, you see some objects that capture your fancy, and upon leaving you find out that there?s no postcard of them. Kilimnik seized the opportunity and created a postcard album with her favorite objects and paintings from Haus zum Kirschgarten. It?s a booklet with a taffeta-moire cover?some of the books are cerise, others are black?held together by three luscious, elaborately tied taffeta ribbons. Inside you find eight pictures printed on postcard-cardboard. Five of them show objects that appealed to Kilimnik?s trademark sensibility for romance and beauty; the others show paintings from the museum in ornate gilded...