Обложка книги Made in America: From Levi's to Barbie to Google

Made in America: From Levi's to Barbie to Google

ISBN: 0760322708;
Издательство: MBI
Страниц: 304

For much of the twentieth century, Americas commercial success was due to its very distinctive manner of designing and producing goods. Working independently from European and Asian influences, American businesses developed unique styles. American automobile designs, for instance, have often been bolder than those of their European counterparts. The emphasis on design has also led to legendary products and packaging such as the universally recognized Coca-Cola bottle. This book examines 200 products that have achieved icon status and have America written all over them. Each item is featured in stunning photography accompanied by a concise history, key data, and amazing trivia. These products epitomize the uniquely American combination of confident styling and utility. They also reflect the depth of American marketing, which seeks uniqueness to maximize product awareness.