Обложка книги Picasso: Bathers

Picasso: Bathers

ISBN: 3775716033;
Издательство: Hatje Cantz Publishers
Страниц: 244

Book DescriptionNo 20th-century artist enjoys greater popularity than Pablo Picasso, and none has been exhibited more often or studied so intensely. Yet there remains uncharted territory on the map of the master's extensive oeuvre, which spanned one of the most tumultuous, experimental periods of art history: the seaside figural scenes that fascinated Picasso throughout his life. From his early Cubist period in the first years of the century through his classicizing phase and into his late work of the 1960s, Picasso returned again and again to this sand-and-sea theme. Even in 1937, when he was so powerfully engaged with the horrors of the Spanish Civil War, sketching preparatory drawings for Guernica , he was also busy executing a group of decidedly non-political works representing bathers. The resulting paintings, including On the Beach (also known as Girls with a Toy Boat ) recall his earlier Three Bathers from 1920. Here as elsewhere, Picasso developed a...