Обложка книги Shaping Medieval Landscapes: Settlement, Society, Environment

Shaping Medieval Landscapes: Settlement, Society, Environment

ISBN: 0954557581;
Издательство: Windgather Press
Страниц: 214

Book DescriptionPublished here with a new cover and corrections, this book from 2003 has already become a classic text in English landscape history. To explain the rich, complex patterns in the English landscape today, we have to understand the fundamental variations in the medieval countryside. Some regions had large villages with extensive open fields; others had scattered hamlets and less communal forms of agriculture. These differences are still with us - in the shape of fields, the form of settlement, and the character of hedges and woods. Archaeologists, historians and geographers have long argued about when, why and how these variations developed. In this radical and important book, Tom Williamson shows how subtle differences in soils and climate shaped not only the diverse landscapes of medieval England, but the very structure of the societies that occupied them. Environmental factors were the ones which really mattered in shaping the medieval countryside.

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