Обложка книги Communities and Warfare, 700-1400

Communities and Warfare, 700-1400

ISBN: 1852851554;
Издательство: Hambledon & London
Страниц: 272

Book Description These essays reflect the author's continuing fascination with the effect of warfare on medieval government and society. Many of them seek to show how the archaeological and written evidence can be related and to demonstrate the necessity of understanding both the potential and the limits of local topography. In doing so Nicholas Brooks transforms our understanding of the survival of Roman institutions, of the impact of the Vikings, of the development of the arms and armour of the military aristocracy, of the role of bridges and towns in the evolution of communities and lordships, and of the planning of the peasant uprising of 1381. Communities and Warfare, 700-900 also includes a major synthesis of the evidence for medieval bridges from Cappadocia to Galicia and from Italy to southern Sweden.