Обложка книги Ella Enchanted Scrapbook : Movie Tie-In

Ella Enchanted Scrapbook : Movie Tie-In

ISBN: 0786818026;
Издательство: Miramax
Страниц: 48

Book DescriptionTake a step back into a world of chivalry, romance, and face it . . . hot guys, evil dudes and damsels who do a pretty good job of rescuing themselves. The Ella Enchanted Scrapbook provides never-before-seen photos and quirky takes on allthe happenings on and off the screen of the Spring 2004 movie. Travel to Ireland with the crew and see how Ella and Char really feel about each other. The Ella Enchanted Scrapbook spills it all with a combination of fantastic images and great quotes taken from the cast and crew of the Miramax film.