Обложка книги Aikido: Living by Design

Aikido: Living by Design

ISBN: 0941736164;
Издательство: Arete Press (Claremont, CA)
Страниц: 109

Book DescriptionOne of America's foremost martial artists, Mitsugi Saotome, shares his work and thoughts on the arts, including sculpture, textile art, calligraphy, gardening, and cooking. An over-sized, full-color book, Aikido Living by Design combines photos of Saotome's own artwork with his philosophical reflections on values in art and life. Included, among other media in this beautifully-photographed compendium, are many photos of Saotome's * hand-sewn, wearable art clothing combining traditional Japanese kasuri fabric with denim and leather * works combining wood with stone and other materials, * works of Shodo, Japanese calligraphy Throughout, he offers his views on how Aikido's philosophy, which he learned as a disciple of the art's founder, applies to the basic questions of life.