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Jose Antonio Hernandez-Diez

Jose Antonio Hernandez-Diez

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ISBN: 0915557843
Издательство: New Museum of Contemporary Art
Год издания: 2003
Страниц: 100
Book DescriptionOne of the most important Latin American artists of the last decade, Jose Antonio Hernandez-Diez creates candid, poetic, and at times disturbing and irreverent multi-media installations inspired by the vernacular culture and traditions of his home country. Commenting upon the paradoxical effects of globalization, Hernandez-Diez has turned such tricks as writing the names of great Western thinkers using the logos of four expensive, trendy, and colourful sneakers. This publication accompanies the Venezuelan artist's first major exhibition in the United States, and is complemented by scholarly essays from New Museum curator Dan Cameron, adjunct curator Gerardo Mosquera, and Venezuelan critics Jesus Fuenmayor and Monica Amor. Essays by Gerardo Mosquera, Dan Cameron, Monica Amor and Jesus Fuenmayor. Foreword by Lisa Phillips.