Обложка книги Jules Flandrin 1871-1947: The Other Fin-De-Siecle

Jules Flandrin 1871-1947: The Other Fin-De-Siecle

ISBN: 9040095337;
Издательство: B.V. Waanders Uitgeverji
Страниц: 160

Book DescriptionJules Flandrin (1871-1947) was a pupil of Gustave Moreau, one of the most prominent figures in the fin-de-siecle art world, and a close member of the group which included Matisse, George Rouault, and Albert Marquet: artists who helped to shape the course of modern art. Flandrin was a significant force amongst these innovators. Widely shown in Paris in the first years of the twentieth century, on the eve of the First World War he was hailed as one of the torchbearers of l?art vivant. Illustrated exclusively from private collections in Paris and Grenoble, this book provides a unique study of Flandrin?s work in the context of the innovations which influenced him, and which he, in turn, inspired. By considering Flandrin as deeply emblematic of his age, the book invites us to think about why artists like Flandrin have disappeared from histories of modern art; about identities of "avant-gardism" in a period of enormous transition; and about the larger forces...