Обложка книги Louis G. Le Roy: Natuur, Cultuur, Fusie/Nature, Culture, Fusion

Louis G. Le Roy: Natuur, Cultuur, Fusie/Nature, Culture, Fusion

ISBN: 9056622781;
Издательство: NAI Publishers
Страниц: 112

Book DescriptionFor more than 30 years, Louis Le Roy has been working on an enormous structure in a meadow at the Friesian settlement of Mildam near Heerenveen, in the Netherlands. There, Le Roy's Eco-Cathedral continues to grow out of discarded street rubble, piled up by his bare hands, the surrounding nature growing unhindered, in response to the question: What can one person achieve working with nature in space and time? Essays by Piet Vollaard, Hagen Rosenheinreich, Guido van Overbeek and Vincent van Rossem. Paperback, 9.44 x 13 in. 112 pages, 40 color illustrations

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