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Serge Polakoff

Symbols in Art: The Hidden Keys to Love, Balance and Renewal

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ISBN: 0972654925
Издательство: Harmony 2000, Inc.
Год издания: 2003
Страниц: 112
Book DescriptionDiscover Deeper Meaning in Art and Expand Your Understanding of Life For many, art provides a satisfying and stimulating aesthetic experience. Symbols in Art reveals that there is even more. It tells how the hidden communications in art provide insights into life in ways that can become deeply personal and rewarding. And it shows how to access them. The underlying message of this book is that the essence of life is joy, and joy is found through love, balance and renewal. This thesis is demonstrated in numerous full-color plates of Symbolic masterworks and accompanying explanations. It is substantiated with a clear, simple eloquence. Each two-page spread is a complete and whole thought, a stepping stone to awareness and the appreciation of images and the stories behind them?both in the paintings of classical Symbolic artists and in the author's own contemporary Symbolic works. Whether the book is read from cover to cover or opened to any page, the eye...