Обложка книги Trying to Get in Between (Opus 1)

Trying to Get in Between (Opus 1)

ISBN: 1870699645;
Издательство: Book Works (UK) Ltd.
Страниц: 208

Book DescriptionTrying to get in between the work of Swedish artist Maria Lindberg requires a certain frame of mind, one inspired by Fluxus, in touch with the materiality of objects, and open to absurdity and dry matter-of-factness. Her Mating Tables presents two ordinary tables, one on top of the other. Abused Drawing consists of black painted squares and shoe prints on paper. For this publication, the first comprehensive one on the artist, the inclusion of works is designed so that no hierarchical or sequential relationship dictates the work's reading; rather, each piece is consumed on its own low-key, illogically humorous terms. Paperback, 7.5 x 8.5 in., 208 pages, 160 color illustrations